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Jay-Z and Me at SXSW

I just made my first trip to SXSW. I’m not really a conference hound, even though conferences are a huge part of what we (UBM TechWeb) do. There are only 365 days in the year. On most of those days we’re producing an event somewhere, from industry-wide marathons like Interop, Black Hat, or Game Developers […]

The Social Enterprise

Business is a collaborative sport. Always has been, always will be. Growth in business, whether from new customers, new products, new efficiencies or by acquisition requires collaboration. Business school case studies are founded on examples of successful or unsuccessful collaborations. The challenge is encouraging, coordinating and enabling collaboration is incredibly hard. Through the years technology breakthroughs […]

The Lost Decade

Y2K was the tipping point. Extraordinary innovations in processing power, storage capacity, networking capability and software applications had driven a growth phase in Enterprise technology that suddenly came to a screeching halt. Innovation ceased and many Enterprises faced the reality that Y2K hysteria, combined with an overreaction to the first phase of the web had […]

The Media Company of the Future

At some point “New Media” is no longer new. “Emerging Media” emerges. Describing the revolutionary trends that have been driving the media industry over the last decade as either “new” or “emerging” is inaccurate and misleading. Media companies have either embraced and harnessed digital platforms and technology or they haven’t.  The Internet revolution has resulted in 4 types of media companies today: The Dead, The […]

The Media-Application Era Has Arrived

 The first phase of online media was defined by “Reach”.Value was based on unique visitor reach and the page views generated. The second phase was defined by  “Search”,  where value was derived by optimizing content to drive search results. We are now officially in the “Media-Application” era, where value is created by engaging audiences around applications of content and services that become […]

7 Key Themes on the State of Tech Marketing Today

This is an extraordinary time in technology marketing. The turbulent economy combined with the continued Internet media revolution has created an unprecedented time of change and transformation. In discussions over the last several months with our customers; business technology decision makers and technology marketers, several common themes have emerged that provide a sense of the […]