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Ignore the Analysts. 5 Reasons to Go Long on Facebook.

Historically I’ve not invested in individual stocks, particularly tech-related stocks. Given my background running technology media companies I’ve followed the policy that if you have responsibility for editorial operations, you don’t trade in the stocks of companies your media brands cover. I’ve always analyzed the value of tech companies however: their market positioning, their product […]

Who Do You Trust? 10 Things to Consider About Vetting in the Age of Social Media

Fifteen minutes after the first Tweet stating that the US military had found and killed Osama Bin Laden, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was struggling on air. Blitzer could only react to what he (and everyone else) was reading on Twitter. For an excruciating amount of time Blitzer repeatedly explained that they couldn’t verify the reports. At […]

Advertising Doesn’t Work On Social Networks

Advertising has been a non starter on social networks. The financial results of Facebook, Linkedin and even MySpace reflect the promise of social networks as advertising platforms may go unfulfilled. I’ll go so far as to suggest that advertising simply doesn’t work on social networks. How can this be? 100’s of millions of people and […]

Where Is Your Social Network?

I’ve been fascinated by the growth of social networking. From Facebook to Linkedin to Twitter, we’re seeing amazing levels of engagement. This engagement is remaking the media landscape too. I’ve struggled to embrace the term social networking though. Felt too restrictive in a business environment and too closely tied to the early pioneering brands like […]