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What’s Next: It’s Business.com

Last May, after 6 great years at UBM – and a decade helping legacy media businesses adapt to a new reality defined by the Internet – I decided to step back.  I wanted to really explore the trends that continue to reshape media, marketing and technology before deciding what to do next. Over the past […]

The Sorry State of Online Measurement: We’re Still Honking at Billboards

Never has something so valuable been worth so little. Never in the history of media has a still new medium had the vast majority of its inventory valued at zero. Such is the state of online advertising. The latest click-through rates for online media sit at .09%. Given that click-through rates serve as the foundation […]

5 Reasons Advertising is Dead (And What Smart Marketers Are Doing About It)

After a decline of over 11% in 2009, the US advertising industry grew at the anemic rate of 2.8% last year. Estimates for 2012 are in the same range. But with two major events that are historically drivers of high advertising spending — a presidential election and the Olympics — slated for 2012, the lack […]

The Laws of Marketing Physics Apply in Online Too

15 years after the web became a commercial platform, we are all still waiting for the Internet to become an advertising medium. Wait you say, the web is a huge advertising medium. Look at Google! Yes, the web has clearly generated a massive amount of marketing revenue. But its direct marketing revenue for the most […]

“Will You Recommend Me?”: 5 Tips for Professional Networking in the Era of Transparency

I recently posted “So I’m getting requests on Linkedin to professionally recommend people I haven’t worked with or talked to in 15 years. Ahh is it just me or does this lack a bit of authenticity?”. Almost immediately after posting this to Facebook and Twitter, I received a ton of responses, via posts to the […]