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5 Reasons Advertising is Dead (And What Smart Marketers Are Doing About It)

After a decline of over 11% in 2009, the US advertising industry grew at the anemic rate of 2.8% last year. Estimates for 2012 are in the same range. But with two major events that are historically drivers of high advertising spending — a presidential election and the Olympics — slated for 2012, the lack […]

Newspapers Clipped By The Web

A newspaper was always so much more to its readers than a printed page full of news. It was the place that provided local, regional, national and international news. It was also at the center of your universe, your community. It was a breakfast routine. It was utilitarian as well as informational. Unfortunately, everything that […]

My Conversation with Steven Waldman, Senior Advisor, FCC

“Assistant to the Chairman of the FCC on the Future of Media” is without question one of the coolest titles I’ve ever seen. Even cooler that it’s the title of my friend and former colleague Steve Waldman. Steve and I worked together on the influential internet site Beliefnet.  After 10 years with Beliefnet he recently […]

Newspapers Dying: The Demise of Geographic Exclusivity

There are so many reasons why print newspapers are failing. Mostly, people complain that newspaper content is available on the Internet for free, so subscribers need not subscribe any longer, even though in reality circulation revenues were usually not more than 20% of total revenues. Or, more importantly, that classified advertising, the largest profit contributor […]

The Wonderwall

“I said maybe, you’re the one to save me. And after all, you’re my wonderwall”.   The chorus from the hit song “Wonderwall” by the band Oasis seems to have been written for today’s daily newspaper industry.   The New York Times went public this week with their plans for a paywall starting in January 2011.  The Financial Times an early pioneer […]

Regional Newspapers: Time To Burn The Boats

Content is king but distribution is the power behind the throne. Newspapers don’t have a content problem. They have a massive and insurmountable distribution problem. Time to acknowledge this and accelerate the evolution from analog to digital. Magazines have a far longer print shelf life and will likely be the ones that really benefit from […]

Surfing, Puppies, Iraq and Editorial…Oh My!

First off a brief shout out to the Surfline.com crew, CEO Jonno Wells, Kevin and Robin, who invited me to go surfing Saturday at a private island 50 miles off the coast of Newport beach California. We saw grey whales, dolphins, seals, birds of all sorts and incredible waves. Great time. Especially appreciated that the […]