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LinkedIn. A Little Bubbly?

The LinkedIn IPO has generated a ton of debate in Internet, investing, technology and media circles. Some like stock analyst Jim Cramer think the nearly $8B + valuation is “ridiculous” and “outrageous”, and potentially a sign of another “Internet Bubble”. Others like business writer and former analyst Henry Blodget think the rapid rise in LinkedIn’s stock […]

A Gutenberg Moment

In a recent interview long time media pro and founder of MarketWatch.com Larry Kramer provided some thoughtful insights on the state of media today. He says we are in the midst of a ”Gutenberg Moment” where everything is changing based on new technology. He puts forth the idea of 4 “C’s” (why do media and technology guru’s love lists of “C”‘s in order […]

“Will You Recommend Me?”: 5 Tips for Professional Networking in the Era of Transparency

I recently posted “So I’m getting requests on Linkedin to professionally recommend people I haven’t worked with or talked to in 15 years. Ahh is it just me or does this lack a bit of authenticity?”. Almost immediately after posting this to Facebook and Twitter, I received a ton of responses, via posts to the […]

LinkedIn or LinkedUp?

The recent post on Bain Capital Ventures investment in Linkedin at a valuation of $1Billion got some interesting comments both on and off blog from media colleagues of mine. The discussions have revolved more around the value of the LinkedIn user experience and service than the valuation of the company. If we agree that financial […]