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The Sorry State of Online Measurement: We’re Still Honking at Billboards

Never has something so valuable been worth so little. Never in the history of media has a still new medium had the vast majority of its inventory valued at zero. Such is the state of online advertising. The latest click-through rates for online media sit at .09%. Given that click-through rates serve as the foundation […]

Who Do You Trust? 10 Things to Consider About Vetting in the Age of Social Media

Fifteen minutes after the first Tweet stating that the US military had found and killed Osama Bin Laden, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was struggling on air. Blitzer could only react to what he (and everyone else) was reading on Twitter. For an excruciating amount of time Blitzer repeatedly explained that they couldn’t verify the reports. At […]

Google+ : 5 Key Questions for Media and Marketing Pro’s

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you have likely heard all about Google’s latest step into social networking, Google+. I received my invitation to test the Beta version last week and have spent some time with the platform. For Uphoff On Media readers who haven’t yet received an invitation please […]

Moments of Truth

In the early 1980’s Jan Carlson took over SAS airlines. The company was in poor shape and Carlson set about to turn it around. He boiled the business down to a series of what he called “moments of truth”. These moments were touch points where key interactions with customers or employees took place. He defined […]

Search to Social to Schmidt to Page

The shift from Eric Schmidt to Larry Page as CEO of Google is more than simply a change of leadership. It represents the broader shift in the center of gravity of the web from search to social. The surprising announcement in the change at the top of Google this week has created all sorts of […]

The Media-Application Era Has Arrived

 The first phase of online media was defined by “Reach”.Value was based on unique visitor reach and the page views generated. The second phase was defined by  “Search”,  where value was derived by optimizing content to drive search results. We are now officially in the “Media-Application” era, where value is created by engaging audiences around applications of content and services that become […]

The Tipping Point

Lots of buzz in media and internet circles over the last 2 days over the announcement that Facebook passed Google in traffic, becoming the leading Web destination in the US. There are as many people who predicted that this would happen as there are people who are shocked that it did.  Regardless of how you view […]

The Laws of Marketing Physics Apply in Online Too

15 years after the web became a commercial platform, we are all still waiting for the Internet to become an advertising medium. Wait you say, the web is a huge advertising medium. Look at Google! Yes, the web has clearly generated a massive amount of marketing revenue. But its direct marketing revenue for the most […]

The Biggest 10 Year Old I’ve Ever Seen

Earlier this week I attended a dinner at the Corporate Ecoforum. The event, founded and produced by our friend MR Rangaswami, software and venture veteran and cofounder of SandHill Group, draws together senior executives from across functions and industries to review successful state-of-the-art eco strategies and their implementation. Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google gave […]

Chrome, Cloud & Convergence

My recent post on Google’s launch of Chrome generated a lot of discussion. My “unofficial editor” David Berlind (as a journalist I make a great media exec!) rightfully noted my referring to Chrome’s features; speed, multitasking and advanced security, as open source features was misleading. These desktop operating system and application like features represent the […]