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AOL, Tech Crunch and the Rules of the Game

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The latest controversy between AOL and Michael Arrington is a fascinating story. Strong personalities with strong points of view, editorial ethics, management missteps, and big company culture versus small company passion make this a particularly juicy drama. Arrington has made an ultimatum to AOL: Give us “editorial independence” or sell us the site back. By […]

Newspapers Dying: The Demise of Geographic Exclusivity

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There are so many reasons why print newspapers are failing. Mostly, people complain that newspaper content is available on the Internet for free, so subscribers need not subscribe any longer, even though in reality circulation revenues were usually not more than 20% of total revenues. Or, more importantly, that classified advertising, the largest profit contributor […]

Surfing, Puppies, Iraq and Editorial…Oh My!

First off a brief shout out to the Surfline.com crew, CEO Jonno Wells, Kevin and Robin, who invited me to go surfing Saturday at a private island 50 miles off the coast of Newport beach California. We saw grey whales, dolphins, seals, birds of all sorts and incredible waves. Great time. Especially appreciated that the […]