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What’s Next: It’s Business.com

Last May, after 6 great years at UBM – and a decade helping legacy media businesses adapt to a new reality defined by the Internet – I decided to step back.  I wanted to really explore the trends that continue to reshape media, marketing and technology before deciding what to do next. Over the past […]

5 Reasons Advertising is Dead (And What Smart Marketers Are Doing About It)

After a decline of over 11% in 2009, the US advertising industry grew at the anemic rate of 2.8% last year. Estimates for 2012 are in the same range. But with two major events that are historically drivers of high advertising spending — a presidential election and the Olympics — slated for 2012, the lack […]

What’s Next?

For the last 6 years I have led a team that has transformed a declining print-centric business into a fast-growing $200 million digital media, live event and marketing services behemoth, otherwise known as UBM TechWeb. It has been an extraordinary experience and one that I’m immensely proud of. I’ve made the difficult decision that this […]

Rupe Was Robbed. Tales From The Front Lines of the iPad App Economy

If you were launching a daily newspaper today $30m would not be an outrageous sum of money to be spending. What would be outrageous is that you were launching a daily newsPAPER. Spending $30m to create an iPad newspaper application is ludicrous. With substantial fanfare, Rupert Murdoch recently launched The Daily an iPad and tablet […]

Advertising Isn’t Dead. It’s Becoming Marketing. Again.

Jeff Jarvis recent post “Advertising is Next” created significant buzz in media, marketing and advertising circles. Jeff-never one to mince words-suggested that advertising as we know it was…shall we just say, not in good shape. To provide a foundation for his argument, he lampoons the recent Conde Nast announcement, which calls for transforming the company […]

The Wonderwall

“I said maybe, you’re the one to save me. And after all, you’re my wonderwall”.   The chorus from the hit song “Wonderwall” by the band Oasis seems to have been written for today’s daily newspaper industry.   The New York Times went public this week with their plans for a paywall starting in January 2011.  The Financial Times an early pioneer […]

A Gutenberg Moment

In a recent interview long time media pro and founder of MarketWatch.com Larry Kramer provided some thoughtful insights on the state of media today. He says we are in the midst of a “Gutenberg Moment” where everything is changing based on new technology. He puts forth the idea of 4 “C’s” (why do media and technology guru’s love lists of “C”‘s in order […]

The 9 New Rules of Media

Over the last 12 months the state of the economy and the impact of the recession have been topics in virtually every meeting I’ve been in. The discussions have ranged from detailed analysis by “leading” economists (one in particular at a meeting in March was thrilled when at the end of his 60 slide deck now predicting a decade long slide […]

This Just In. Content is King. Again

Content is king. Again. Every time we forget this law of media physics it comes back to remind us. Sometimes the hard way. Need proof ? Take a look at the ratings for the ultimate reality programming the Olympic Games. Far exceeding even NBC’s estimates, the Beijing Games coverage once again reminds us that if […]

Development Centric Content

The role of editing is being transformed in media 2.0 companies today. The job of refining the work of journalists, crafting headlines and packaging the flow of content in a given issue is still an important part of the print content process. In online media however the throughput from writer to audience is far more […]