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Ignore the Analysts. 5 Reasons to Go Long on Facebook.

Historically I’ve not invested in individual stocks, particularly tech-related stocks. Given my background running technology media companies I’ve followed the policy that if you have responsibility for editorial operations, you don’t trade in the stocks of companies your media brands cover. I’ve always analyzed the value of tech companies however: their market positioning, their product […]

Value This!

In order to buy  a company you need to value it.    That’s not so easy in the media business, these days. Lots of folks refer to multiples, of cash flow or revenue or whatever, as a way of determining future value.   You project the expected future performance of the company, factor in the cost […]

The 9 New Rules of Media

Over the last 12 months the state of the economy and the impact of the recession have been topics in virtually every meeting I’ve been in. The discussions have ranged from detailed analysis by “leading” economists (one in particular at a meeting in March was thrilled when at the end of his 60 slide deck now predicting a decade long slide […]