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What Do Spinal Tap, Selling in a Digital World & Marketing Complexity Have in Common?

They have more in common than you might imagine. In addition to being’s CEO, I’ve been writing about sales, marketing and management for our audience. Lately I’ve covered the challenges of selling in a digital world, the era of marketing complexity, and the veracity of digital media numbers. I’ve also had the chance to […]

The New

When I joined last month I mentioned we would have some news coming soon. Well, soon is today and I’m excited to announce we’re officially launching the new — including a new site, new company identity, new features and an expanded product line. For my Media, Marketing and Tech geek pals I wanted […]

Ignore the Analysts. 5 Reasons to Go Long on Facebook.

Historically I’ve not invested in individual stocks, particularly tech-related stocks. Given my background running technology media companies I’ve followed the policy that if you have responsibility for editorial operations, you don’t trade in the stocks of companies your media brands cover. I’ve always analyzed the value of tech companies however: their market positioning, their product […]

What’s Next?

For the last 6 years I have led a team that has transformed a declining print-centric business into a fast-growing $200 million digital media, live event and marketing services behemoth, otherwise known as UBM TechWeb. It has been an extraordinary experience and one that I’m immensely proud of. I’ve made the difficult decision that this […]

Who Do You Trust? 10 Things to Consider About Vetting in the Age of Social Media

Fifteen minutes after the first Tweet stating that the US military had found and killed Osama Bin Laden, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was struggling on air. Blitzer could only react to what he (and everyone else) was reading on Twitter. For an excruciating amount of time Blitzer repeatedly explained that they couldn’t verify the reports. At […]

Newspapers Clipped By The Web

A newspaper was always so much more to its readers than a printed page full of news. It was the place that provided local, regional, national and international news. It was also at the center of your universe, your community. It was a breakfast routine. It was utilitarian as well as informational. Unfortunately, everything that […]

Don’t Trust This Blog Post (And How to Write Posts that Can Be Trusted)

The first thing you should know when you read this blog post is that you may not want to trust it. I used to be a journalist—the very first online reporter for Tony’s InformationWeek, in fact—and now I edit the Yahoo! Advertising Blog. I’ve had plenty of time to think about the differences between journalism […]

Facebook Versus Google. It’s About Scale

No question that in the search based web world the scale of Google has been breathtaking. One key question to ask though; are we still in a search based world? Feels awfully social to me these days. Facebook’s model is scaling and will continue to for a couple of reasons: Word of mouth. It’s always […]

The Lost Decade

Y2K was the tipping point. Extraordinary innovations in processing power, storage capacity, networking capability and software applications had driven a growth phase in Enterprise technology that suddenly came to a screeching halt. Innovation ceased and many Enterprises faced the reality that Y2K hysteria, combined with an overreaction to the first phase of the web had […]

A Gutenberg Moment

In a recent interview long time media pro and founder of Larry Kramer provided some thoughtful insights on the state of media today. He says we are in the midst of a “Gutenberg Moment” where everything is changing based on new technology. He puts forth the idea of 4 “C’s” (why do media and technology guru’s love lists of “C”‘s in order […]