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What’s Next?

For the last 6 years I have led a team that has transformed a declining print-centric business into a fast-growing $200 million digital media, live event and marketing services behemoth, otherwise known as UBM TechWeb. It has been an extraordinary experience and one that I’m immensely proud of. I’ve made the difficult decision that this […]

Has Charlie Taken the Sheen Off of Twitter?

Charlie Sheen has become a one man, always on, global media platform. From television to radio to newspapers and magazines to online, Sheen has become a constant presence in the media. Are we watching the mental breakdown of a talented actor before our eyes? Or are we witnessing a clever self promoter set himself up […]

Rupe Was Robbed. Tales From The Front Lines of the iPad App Economy

If you were launching a daily newspaper today $30m would not be an outrageous sum of money to be spending. What would be outrageous is that you were launching a daily newsPAPER. Spending $30m to create an iPad newspaper application is ludicrous. With substantial fanfare, Rupert Murdoch recently launched The Daily an iPad and tablet […]

The Media-Application Era Has Arrived

 The first phase of online media was defined by “Reach”.Value was based on unique visitor reach and the page views generated. The second phase was defined by  “Search”,  where value was derived by optimizing content to drive search results. We are now officially in the “Media-Application” era, where value is created by engaging audiences around applications of content and services that become […]

Listen. Your Customers Are Trying to Tell You Something

This is a post I did for our UBM TechWeb marketing site, Create Your Next Customer. Been getting some interesting calls and emails from the post so thought I would post it to UOM as well. The irony of this era in marketing is that we have more tools, that connect us with our customers and […]

Twitter Me This

I’ll spare you the obligatory “who would have thought?” lead in here. If you’re not already hip to the power of Twitter you will be soon. Yes the really cool kids are already on to the new, new thing so my power user/early adopter friends and colleagues will note the trailing edge of many of […]

LinkedIn or LinkedUp?

The recent post on Bain Capital Ventures investment in Linkedin at a valuation of $1Billion got some interesting comments both on and off blog from media colleagues of mine. The discussions have revolved more around the value of the LinkedIn user experience and service than the valuation of the company. If we agree that financial […]

It’s About InfoWare

Is Microsoft buying Yahoo? Can Yahoo survive without a sale that aligns them with a larger company? Is Microsoft in a death battle with Google for control of web traffic? Is this a fight for eyeballs or actually something else? What is the strategy for “Microhoo” if indeed a deal ultimately goes through? Not that […]

Exponential Media

What are the next numbers in the sequence 2,4,?,?. There are two answers here that are correct; 6, 8, as well as 8, 16. This is a test of thinking skills not math skills. If the path of this sequence is linear and progressed 100 steps the final entry would be 200. If the path […]

To Social Graph or Not to Social Graph. Is that the Question?

Bit of a gap since my last post. Was inspired by our pal Tim Ferris so didn’t post from vacation. Great trip to Hawaii. Fantastic time with family, good weather and got the chance to surf one of the legendary north shore spots Velzyland. Also had the chance to see Bobby Kennedy Jr in action […]